Minggu, 30 Desember 2012

what was the haunting tune,mostly vocals,on the joe swift special of gardeners world shown 20th march 2009?

Q. It was being played in the background of the first half of the show.Mostly vocals,a bit "Moby" chilled style.

A. Joe DiPietro play "Over the River and Through the Woods" ...

* Have a Good Day *

~ Don ~

Are earth signs known for being the best gardeners in the world?

A. lol your question is funny! yeah i guess it would make sense for earth signs to be good gardeners in the world since we deal with nature and animals but i think anyone regardless of there sign can be good at gardening if they put there mind to it, and some people do have a "green thumb" more than others! :p good luck to you!

Gardeners World... Please Help?
Q. I have noticed that gardeners world on bbc two is not shwoing at the moment and was wondering if anyone knew when it was coming back on. If you have anything that you think could help me either send me a message or leave an answer.
Thanks in advance

A. Check out their site http://www.bbc.co.uk/gardenersworld/

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Rabu, 26 Desember 2012

What company makes Chia Herb Gardens?

Q. I'm trying to find out because EVERYONE in my family wants it for Christmas and i would really like to buy from the company itself and not retail....i need 50 of them and hopping to get a wholesale price.

A. Joseph Enterprises. http://www.chia.com/herbgarden.html

Chia Herb Garden Instuctions?
Q. I have a Chia Herb Garden, but have lost the instructions that came with it. I checked the site but the link was not working. I know the basic sets but I do not want to miss any, i.e., i know with a regular chia pet you actually have to soak the animal for like 24 hours. Are there any tips or secret step like this for the garden, or am i supposed to just pour them on the sponge? Help!!!!! I need herbs lol!

A. Maybe this site can help - Chia Herb Garden Growing Tips:


*~ Good luck 'n ENJOY ~*

POLL: why does no one ever get me a chia herb garden for christmas?
Q. I have wanted one forever; if I don't get one this year I am buying myself one.

A. Because we don't want you to start smoking funny stuff again..

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Minggu, 16 Desember 2012

My backyard fountain doesn't work?

Q. I have a three tier concrete fountain; it has a pump and the water should come out the top and out the drain in the bowl - but although the pump works, i.e. it has power, no water is traveling thru the fountain.

A. if your fountain is tall, your pump may need to be set to a higher rate. or your water level may not be high enough for the pump to take in water. does the pump work if you are able to just submerge it in a sink or bathtub? if it does you probably just need to set a higher rate.

Where can I find a fountain for my backyard of a boy pissing?

A. The statue you are refering to is the Manneken Pis, the original of which is in Brussels Belgium. Search the web for a landscape supply company in your area.

how to build a backyard fountain?

A. Build a Fountain
Contemporary Fountain
A Soothing Copper Fountain
Jug Fountain
A Grecian Fountain
Sunken English Fountain
A Patio Fountain

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Sabtu, 08 Desember 2012

looking for best software which can create professional looking landscaping+garden designs + free photos?

Q. Hi I am looking for best software which can create easy to make professional looking 3D landscaping and Garden designs. The software should have everything ready to copy paste or insert for making designs. Their should be option to give the size according to our need and use curves and slops.
Also looking for websites which has photos of landscape garden patio designs free download.

Thanks for all who answers.

A. sure, google's Picasa will do it, it's free and works well, here's the link
as per landscape designs, here's google's search
if it helps please remember me cheers and thanks for the 2 points!

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How long can an herb garden in the kitchen last?

Q. Does it have to be planted outside?

A. I grow all of my herbs in side 11 different kinds
I have them in med size pots
As long as you keep them trimmed and use a plant organic fertilizer or add very old compost you can keep them indefinitely
Some of them are of added benefit like basil it keeps flies away

what 5-10 dollar kitchen item could go with an herb garden as a gift?
Q. I'm getting my cousin a home herb garden for christmas, but I still need to get her about 5-10 dollars more stuff for our secret santa gift exchange. what would be a cute kitchen item I could get her to go with the herbs?

ps. I'm only waiting til the last minute because I just got back from college a couple days ago.

A. Either some herb shears.

Or, Some instructions for drying printed out nicely and wrapped with containers.

What type of lighting would l need to start a herb garden on my kitchen counter?
Q. Would this do? http://www.homeandbeyond.com/prod-0103420.html

A. If your kitchen is facing south where you get sunshine, you wont need any. If not, you will need a decent plant light that gives a full spectrum and gives over 2000 lumens. The tube type should be good if you are growing a row of them.

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olive garden wall art?

Q. Does anyone know where Olive Garden gets their pictures and wall art they display in their restaurants?

A. They're all based on Italian art, I would type "Italian art" in on Google and see what you find. :)

Hope I helped!

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What kind of plants would give my garden and/or planters the beach cottage feel? (east coast)?

Q. I love the beach and I was wondering what plants I could use to give my garden and platers that beachy feel. Can anyone help?

A. I love the beach too, and the one thing you see more than anything there is pampas grass. Find out if this will grow for you, and if not, then get smaller ornamental grasses to add to your landscape. You can also add potted palms (bring indoors in winter), ornamental evergreens, and beach pebbles. In planters you can use spikes and they will actually grow tall and palm looking if you bring them in over the winter.

I want to plant a cottage type garden..?
Q. in my front yard. Lots of colorful flowers; black eyed susan,meadow sage etc...my question is...how do you keep this type of garden looking kept?

A. It does not stay looking kept unless you get out there and keep it so.

Best to use primarily low-maintenance perennials ( no Delphiniums whatever you do! ) plus reseeding annuals like Cosmos. Keep the fussy plants to less than 20% of the total area.

Then expect to devote at least a couple hours a week to weeding, deadheading, clipping etc. Depends on how large your yard is.

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