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My backyard fountain doesn't work?

Q. I have a three tier concrete fountain; it has a pump and the water should come out the top and out the drain in the bowl - but although the pump works, i.e. it has power, no water is traveling thru the fountain.

A. if your fountain is tall, your pump may need to be set to a higher rate. or your water level may not be high enough for the pump to take in water. does the pump work if you are able to just submerge it in a sink or bathtub? if it does you probably just need to set a higher rate.

Where can I find a fountain for my backyard of a boy pissing?

A. The statue you are refering to is the Manneken Pis, the original of which is in Brussels Belgium. Search the web for a landscape supply company in your area.

how to build a backyard fountain?

A. Build a Fountain
Contemporary Fountain
A Soothing Copper Fountain
Jug Fountain
A Grecian Fountain
Sunken English Fountain
A Patio Fountain

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