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What kind of plants would give my garden and/or planters the beach cottage feel? (east coast)?

Q. I love the beach and I was wondering what plants I could use to give my garden and platers that beachy feel. Can anyone help?

A. I love the beach too, and the one thing you see more than anything there is pampas grass. Find out if this will grow for you, and if not, then get smaller ornamental grasses to add to your landscape. You can also add potted palms (bring indoors in winter), ornamental evergreens, and beach pebbles. In planters you can use spikes and they will actually grow tall and palm looking if you bring them in over the winter.

I want to plant a cottage type garden..?
Q. in my front yard. Lots of colorful flowers; black eyed susan,meadow sage question do you keep this type of garden looking kept?

A. It does not stay looking kept unless you get out there and keep it so.

Best to use primarily low-maintenance perennials ( no Delphiniums whatever you do! ) plus reseeding annuals like Cosmos. Keep the fussy plants to less than 20% of the total area.

Then expect to devote at least a couple hours a week to weeding, deadheading, clipping etc. Depends on how large your yard is.

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