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How long can an herb garden in the kitchen last?

Q. Does it have to be planted outside?

A. I grow all of my herbs in side 11 different kinds
I have them in med size pots
As long as you keep them trimmed and use a plant organic fertilizer or add very old compost you can keep them indefinitely
Some of them are of added benefit like basil it keeps flies away

what 5-10 dollar kitchen item could go with an herb garden as a gift?
Q. I'm getting my cousin a home herb garden for christmas, but I still need to get her about 5-10 dollars more stuff for our secret santa gift exchange. what would be a cute kitchen item I could get her to go with the herbs?

ps. I'm only waiting til the last minute because I just got back from college a couple days ago.

A. Either some herb shears.[sortby]=price_asc&page=1&local=0

Or, Some instructions for drying printed out nicely and wrapped with containers.

What type of lighting would l need to start a herb garden on my kitchen counter?
Q. Would this do?

A. If your kitchen is facing south where you get sunshine, you wont need any. If not, you will need a decent plant light that gives a full spectrum and gives over 2000 lumens. The tube type should be good if you are growing a row of them.

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