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what was the haunting tune,mostly vocals,on the joe swift special of gardeners world shown 20th march 2009?

Q. It was being played in the background of the first half of the show.Mostly vocals,a bit "Moby" chilled style.

A. Joe DiPietro play "Over the River and Through the Woods" ...

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Are earth signs known for being the best gardeners in the world?

A. lol your question is funny! yeah i guess it would make sense for earth signs to be good gardeners in the world since we deal with nature and animals but i think anyone regardless of there sign can be good at gardening if they put there mind to it, and some people do have a "green thumb" more than others! :p good luck to you!

Gardeners World... Please Help?
Q. I have noticed that gardeners world on bbc two is not shwoing at the moment and was wondering if anyone knew when it was coming back on. If you have anything that you think could help me either send me a message or leave an answer.
Thanks in advance

A. Check out their site http://www.bbc.co.uk/gardenersworld/

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