Rabu, 26 Desember 2012

What company makes Chia Herb Gardens?

Q. I'm trying to find out because EVERYONE in my family wants it for Christmas and i would really like to buy from the company itself and not retail....i need 50 of them and hopping to get a wholesale price.

A. Joseph Enterprises. http://www.chia.com/herbgarden.html

Chia Herb Garden Instuctions?
Q. I have a Chia Herb Garden, but have lost the instructions that came with it. I checked the site but the link was not working. I know the basic sets but I do not want to miss any, i.e., i know with a regular chia pet you actually have to soak the animal for like 24 hours. Are there any tips or secret step like this for the garden, or am i supposed to just pour them on the sponge? Help!!!!! I need herbs lol!

A. Maybe this site can help - Chia Herb Garden Growing Tips:


*~ Good luck 'n ENJOY ~*

POLL: why does no one ever get me a chia herb garden for christmas?
Q. I have wanted one forever; if I don't get one this year I am buying myself one.

A. Because we don't want you to start smoking funny stuff again..

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